I have a Finicky Pooch.

Hello! My name is Caitlyn, and on January 11, 2014, I became the proud and loving owner of Eddy, a finicky pooch.  I soon discovered that he has oodles of allergies, and dislikes a lot of the things he can eat.  Since I had so much fun figuring out Eddy’s allergies, we added Lulu to our pack in August of 2015.  Lulu had been surrendered twice because her allergies are fairly severe.  Together, the 3 of us (plus my fiancé!) are navigating the world of high maintenance dogs.


New visitors, make sure to check out the Free Recipes.  If you like those, be sure to check out the Cookbooks!  Volume 1 has three main courses you can make for your pooch, and volume 2 has four treat recipes.


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